Supporting the web design creative community.
Our response to COVID-19 and how we can get through this together.

Many of us are sitting at home these days. Social isolation is a huge real stress in itself, and we've heard stories from the creative design community of projects being cancelled or how they have been severely impacted. This is such a challenge.

As a result we felt it was our responsibility to try to offer as much support as possible to freelancers and others during this very difficult time. We're starting with:

* Our online demo is now not limited by time and there's no credit card required. You can spin up a demo to see how Pulse looks but also build something in the online simulator environment to test site ideas or show potential clients a quick MVP. 

* A 50% discount for those ready to buy and download Pulse and install it on their own server and start to publish their real live sites. You can keep this version and build as many sites as you want from this and will also receive a year of updates.

The introduction of the unlimited free demo and deeply discounted pricing is done in the hope that this will make life a little easier for people who rely on creative design software to make a living, and also for students and other professionals stuck at home who need access to good tools. 

We plan to make the demo free indefinitely for now and the discount available until 16th April, but we’ll continue to review the situation as time goes on.

We know we’re only small, but we hope these measures can at least provide some form of relief to those who need it. Let's stick together and fight this as best we can…

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