🎉 103 new updates in version 5.1

Powerful Blog updates, new inline click to edit mode, site update mode and more internationalisation makes this the very best Pulse yet.

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Edit your site live!

New streamlined Inline Editing! No longer a popup, edit live on your page. Just click anywhere on the live page as a logged in Editor or Admin and edit the content - like magic! Click and edit. Try it 👉

Update a Pulse install

Admins can upload the latest Pulse zip file to auto update their Pulse core files install without having to go into the server files. Download the latest version from the Pulse Dashboard and upload the ZIP. Pulse auto backups up and uploads the latest Pulse build for you.


Blog improvements

Lots of blog improvements including time-stamping for future posting, layout features, back buttons and RSS feeds.

Future release posts

Future dating a blog post moves it into draft mode. Everyday, posts scheduled for that day will be auto unlocked and released!

Better Blog styles and layout

Stack comes with integration for Mail Chimp and Campaign Monitor forms - ideal for launching modern marketing campaigns

Gallery search

Find images in the Media galleries based on title or tags

Heavy Request
More Languages built-in

Romanian, Spanish, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese added


Create different navigation with drag and drop for different page layouts


More than 103 updates in this edition

Read more about them all line by line!

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    "Pulse is hands down the fastest CMS I have every implemented.. this kind of speed is EPIC!"
    Daniel Halseth
    IT Consulting & Business Development Engineer from USA | Read More on Daniel's story
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    "Pulse is so great, because i don't need to train my customers or offer support after the project is live."
    Johan Sträter
    Product and web designer from Germany | Read More on Johan's story
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    "Most of the sites are hosted on shared hosting and run really well."
    Mary Grooteman
    Web developer and painter, The Netherlands | Read More on Mary's story
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Should you wish to go beyond the off-the-shelf toolbox, we do have a growing number of plugins that are all vetted and work perfectly with any version of Pulse and don't require panic attacks before updating.

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