Annett Grauel

Web designer/developer and photographer from Germany shares her Pulse story.

I want my work to be unique.

"It is very important that I am free to that my pages do not look like all the other websites that are currently on the internet"


I am a partner for small businesses, the self-employed and freelancers.


Clients are finding it easy to update.

"Customers today want to be independent of service contracts, texts and photos easily edit themselves, as they are used to from Facebook, without any agency. It's all very good and reliable with Pulse! My most diligent clients are kindergarten, high school and children's academy. There is always something new to report or to inform, decorated with many photos - these pages are very lively."

No restrictions how I can design my pages.

"I have been a web designer for almost 20 years. My first CMS was called Joomla, it was way too big and too hard to use, for me and for the customers - as if you had to get an airplane license to drive a car. So I've been looking for a CMS that's really easy to use, has no database, puts a lot of emphasis on security and is also easy to update.

In 2011 I finally found Pulse and have been working with it since then. Pulse has exactly what I was looking for. I even got my own ideas, that's great. But for me as a designer it is very important that I am free to design, have my own HTML structure and my own CSS, so that my pages do not look like all the other websites that are currently on the internet ..."

Annett is always updating her references and you will find all the pages that she have created with Pulse on her site. She is constantly updating this page and adding new projects.

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