Chris Philpot

TV production & digital marketing expert from The UK shares his Pulse story.

I was looking for a new platform.

"I wanted a platform that was robust, adaptable, easy to add pages to, and enjoyable to use. The flat-file structure of Pulse meant it ticked all the boxes."



Working in digital marketing, I have produced videos, websites and infographics.


It's all about good SEO.

"I launched my personal portfolio site in 2013 and chose Pulse as the CMS. The blog from my previous personal website collected more dust than backlinks. As such, I don't use this feature in Pulse; all pages on my site are static.

Their core styles come from a single template. Whoever invented CSS frameworks deserves a knighthood.

Pages for code, Blocks for content
I wanted to separate code from content in the back-end of my website. When you are concentrating on one, you don't need to see the other. Pulse makes this easy when you combine Pages and Blocks.

This makes it easy to focus on what I'm saying on each page, without any code to distract me. I drop in images via Media, and try my damnedest to remember to fill out the alt attribute for good SEO.

Speaking of SEO...
Pulse lets you create fast, bloat-free sites that search engines love. In particular, I like how it serves clean URLs out of the box."

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