Tim Plumb

A UK based senior designer specializing in print, web and other newfangled things!
Tim shares his story.

I've created many sites in Pulse.

"Pulse CMS appears to be a perfect fit for both me and my web development business! Loving the shirt guys!"


Pulse Style Site

Tim has been using Pulse for both personal and commercial projects since 2012. Over that time he's created a number of plug-ins, themes, custom galleries and other scripts for Pulse.


Pulse helps me save time and money.

"I've been using Pulse for over 4 years and have created many client websites using the CMS. Pulse is great to work with and fits really well with client expectations as many come to the CMS from other, more complex, systems that only seem to confuse them.

Although clients can make changes to their web site both quickly and easily some still prefer to send me content to update the site for them. Pulse makes this process quick and painless which ultimately saves me time and them money.

In the past I've worked extensively with Freeway Pro for Mac and often used the application to create templates for my Pulse sites. Although Pulse is a lightweight CMS with none of the bloat and baggage of other bigger systems I've also found it to be very easy to extend or modify either through custom plugins or scripts to the CMS itself. I've released some of these tools to the Pulse community through my site as I'm a firm believer in feeding back into the community."

Training clients is super easy

"Making manuals and training clients to use Pulse has also been really easy and I've even added notes to the admin backend on occasions to help specific clients. Working this way not only cuts down on the number of support requests I get but also leaves the client with a clear path to how to work with their CMS.

Pulse continues to be a great fit for my client's web sites and offers an active and vibrant community that I'm really happy to be a part of."

PayPal Mini Cart is a plug-in for Pulse that allows you to quickly and easily add a PayPal powered shopping cart to your site.

Learn more about it.

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