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Power up your Writer sites with Pulse. Keep them as blogs or full-blown CMS RapidWeaver sites.

"Already in the last 5 months I have started or finished converting 20 RapidWeaver websites to Pulse. Easy integration with all my existing RapidWeaver websites, cost effective, and a 'future roadmap'."

Raimo Karhunen
Using RapidWeaver to build Pulse sites from πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Writer: Whatever you can do, I can do better

There's nothing in Writer that isn't better in Pulse. 

Why Pulse?

Unlimited blogs

Make as many blogs as you want with no extra payments.

Not only blogs

Build full CMS sites for clients too. Allow clients to edit their whole site or just the blog.

Your hosting 100%

Install on your own server so good for GDPR and no depending on our uptime.

All features and more than Writer

Tags to categories posts, post stamping for future release, multi-lingual, better editor with more features, built-in SEO per post, social media OGP image and tag posting, better blog styles than just the standard blog..

Many more advantages

Admin & Editor users, full auto-backups, inline editing .. the list goes on. And more on the way all the time.

Issues with Writer Stack that Pulse takes away

Server reliability issues

Sometimes our Writer server would drop connections and SSL certificate renewals were a problem

GDPR stuff

Our 3rd party US based hosts (Amazon and Digital Ocean) were a problem for some EU clients.  Not anymore.

Social Media Posting issues

Writer didn't seem to correctly post Social Media OGP information correctly. 

Old Content Editor

The Editor interface was crooked and sometimes broke. Pulse has an expensive and robust editor included as standard.

Media embedding and adding issues

Video and image embeds were restricted to 2MB and difficult to do. Pulse has a full Media manager.

Multi-lingual issues

Dates, language translation and others were hindering Writer. Pulse is fully multi-lingual from day 1.

TIP! It's best to start a fresh, but you can import most posts using the Blog Importer inside the Pulse Admin dashboard

What you can build with Pulse5 Stacks

Full Featured Blog

with galleries and featured images

Multilingual Sites

with a language selector dropdown

Lockdown Pages

with passwords for client areas

Contact Forms

such as contact and newsletter sign-up

File Download Areas

with delivery and drop zone features

Photo Galleries

sliders, Lightbox and masonry styles

Media Players

for audio, video and Gallery Stack 3 

And Much More..

Googlemaps, social share, banners..

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    "The power to manage, to change and to fascinate...all this and many more powers are lying within this little but mighty CMS. I've never seen a CMS which is that easy to set up and the same can be said about the Stacks Suite."

    Web designer from πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ
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    "Brilliant CMS option for RapidWeaver! Pulse CMS is a great solution by itself but with the Pulse CMS stack, it's even better! Allowing me to integrate a full-fledged CMS into any RapidWeaver project is just incredible."

    Added in the RapidWeaver Community
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    "PulseCMS is by far the easiest and quickest way to implement a full feature blog and CMS solution using RapidWeaver that just works without any issues."

    RapidWeaver template and project maker from πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

Plenty of RapidWeaver Projects

Power up your RapidWeaver CMS projects and give yourself a head start with these Stacks and Project addons made by 3rd Party RapidWeaver developers.

Explore in the Community
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    Project 3 Pulse Project

    Foundation version uses Pulse for menu, specials & offers changes, dropzone, blog, contact form and newsletter sign-up.

    Learn More
  • Image

    Iceland Pulse Project

    Professional Foundation project built with Pulse and RapidWeaver in mind. Open the project file and edit the Stacks content for speed.

    Learn More
  • Image

    Moeller Pulse Project

    A stunning and eye-catching project using the blog capabilities of Pulse CMS and the new custom made UIkit + Pulse stack. Great combo.

    Learn More
  • Image

    RapidWeaver Starter Project

    Pulse RapidWeaver Starter project file and guide by @RapidBase πŸ˜ƒ

    Learn More
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    Realmac Lesson

    This course will teach you how to setup RapidWeaver with Pulse and allow users to login and update text, images, photo galleries, blogs and more.

    Learn More

Brought to you by two seasoned RapidWeaver Developers:

Jannis Rondorf
InStacks β†—
Michael Frankland
Yuzoolthemes β†—

Build Blogs or CMS sites for clients with only RapidWeaver and Pulse

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