Manage Content, Simply.

Pulse is a supremely simple CMS.

Pulse CMS is the easiest way to build and deploy a responsive, content managed website. Since it's a flat file CMS there is no complicated database setup, just copy it to your server and go.

As spotted on these fine websites:

The easiest flat file CMS for designers, developers, agencies and their clients.

Designers Love it

Full control of your HTML, CSS and Javascript without any interference from Pulse. Build quickly and with less client training or phone calls.

Developers are rejoicing

Extensible and lightweight CMS that grows with you and can be customised, or plugins developed and added, as and when needed.

Agencies are smiling

Make your clients smile and build anything from promotional sites and landing pages to e-commerce and large corporate sites.

Clients just get it

Easy to manage intuitive backend that requires little or no explanation. Edit from a mobile on the road or from a computer.

Get a functioning website right out of the box.

Not bad for two minutes worth of work.

Edit Content

Edit your site with an easy to use WYSIWYG editor.

No Database

No messing with database installation. Just upload and go.

Beautiful Galleries

Create beautiful photo galleries with captions.

Customizable Form

Build a custom contact form in seconds, delivered to any email.


Fully responsive frontend and backend, ready for mobile.

Built-In Backup

Automatic backups keep your data safe on your server.


Select from a growing library of themes & plugins, or roll your own.

Clear Stats

Built-in visitor statistics give you the data you need to know.

Blog with Ease

Adding a blog with comments to your website is a breeze.

Infinitely extendable. Built around the community.

Pimp my Pulse with plugins.

For musicians

For portfolios

For ecommerce

Wear a new jacket with themes.

For designers

For writers

For startups

There are four ways to theme for Pulse.

1. DIY Method

Check the docs and use any HTML5 / PHP framework (Foundation, Bootstrap) and convert your own site template in minutes. Easy for designers and developers to work with.

2. Get a theme

Download a free or premium theme from the community. Browse the growing addons section, download and add to your Pulse install. Takes minutes and easy for anyone.

3. Use the theme-o-matic

Try the Pulse CMS theme maker. From web builder app to Pulse template. Go from Freeway, RapidWeaver, Pinegrow (or any exported HTML code) to a Pulse theme in seconds.

4.Call Pulse Professionals

If you need some theme porting help, want something in particular or need a larger Pulse theme customisation, then hire a Pulse Professional to help you. Pulse heroes to the rescue.

Loved by the community.

Made by the community.

Rupert the Dinosaur

Osborne Park Hotel

The Langton Arms

Pulse is a supremely simple, yet powerful, CMS.

About Pulse

Pulse was officially launched in 2009 and has since helped 1,000s of designers and developers quickly create beautiful websites and help their clients gain easy control of their content.

Used by freelancers and agencies alike to empower their clients, Pulse is backed by a small but growing community and is growing from strength to strength into the future.
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