Don't take our word for it. See what other people say about Pulse. There are over 4,036 live sites and plenty of positive reviews.

Pulse is a solid CMS and offers more bang for the bucks you pay for it.

Pulse is a supremely simple CMS. The flat-file platform is incredibly lightweight in more ways than one. The back-end is plain and easy to use, while themes are uncomplicated.

So good and saved my bacon a lot of times in client projects. 5 Stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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the product

Pulse CMS is very fast, reliable and easy to use for web designers and your clients. Pulse has your back on this one.

beautiful interface
fully responsive
add any media
code or WYSIWYG

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Want to be a better designer?

Making websites is pretty hard. You have to create beautiful web pages that are fast loading, that rank well in search engines, that engage readers and that make clients happy.

Overcome these hurdles with our free web site planning and designing tool with no code needed.


how it works

Add a CMS to your existing HTML template in minutes. No need to learn a new templating language and get that project finished in much less time than it usually takes.

Add Pulse to your site

Take any Bootstrap, Foundation or HTML template you have made and connect it to Pulse with a little copy & paste.

Configure it

There's no database needed to power your new CMS, it's flat-file, so nothing to install or setup. Just add a password and go.

Yay! Done.

Upload it to any server and rejoice - you now have an editable website you can give to your client. Profit and look good.

To do this, use your favourite text editor like Sublime Text or Coda 2, or a web building tool like Blocs or RapidWeaver

Static sites rule. And so will you

With Pulse you get all the advantages a static site provides. You also get an easy to use admin UI (CMS) layer that works for publishers. So it's more than just a static site. And certainly not a static site generator.
It's a static site CMS with a dashboard.

Migrate to Pulse CMS

Migrate from your current platform Running a site in WordPress, Tumblr or Blogger? Bring in your blog without having to manually import. Reform those old client sites.

The Benefits

There are many reasons that web designers love to use Pulse. Above all, it fits their workflow and makes their job easier. Here are a few more.

Designed for you

Quick to install and setup and no database to configure, Pulse is the designers' CMS. Quickly create templates using any HTML framework, or none at all.

Perfect for client work

Clients have an intuitive content editor, or markdown to choose from, and you can pre-add their content the same way or use HTML. Pulse is fully rebrandable too.

Security first

Built with security features in mind, rest assured from attacks and constant updating requests and sleep well. Fully SSL compatible too for extra peace of mind.

Lower starting cost

Start small, rapidly and inexpensively on Pulse. Test your ideas, create a landing page more quickly and publish faster. Kaizen baby.

Be more profitable

Save time, make more money. Not just a cliche. You can finish your web project quicker with Pulse and won't need to worry too much about client training.

Proven platform

Growing from strength to strength over the past 8 years, Pulse is no spring chicken and is a stable, well-used and robust CMS.

Burn baby, burn

Serving content quickly out of the box is good for visitors and SEO. With Pulse being analysed by to be faster than 96% of websites, there's not much optimising you need to do.

Media Manager

Clients can easily manage photos and galleries, PDFs and other documents, and videos - all from within the admin editor. It doesn't get much simpler than this.

Growing community

Pulse is used on 1,000s of websites and has an active community through social media and the official forums. And with many 3rd party addons on the way, it's an exciting time to use Pulse.

Host your way

Upload your site to any PHP enabled server via GitHub, SFTP or USB via Fedex 😁. It's so lightweight. Amazon, shared hosting, VPS, DigitalOcean, DreamHost..if it runs Apache or Nginx, & PHP, you're good to go.


Pulse is a very simple, yet powerful CMS. Extend its functionality through any of the addons found on the addons page or build custom items quite easily.

Fully mobile-ready

There's a fully responsive, mobile-optimised admin panel to Pulse and all templates will be made to look good on any device through responsive web design techniques.

In all editions

Each edition of Pulse is fully featured with no restrictions. Grab your copy today and start building professional sites for your clients.

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Responsive throughout

We know you take pride in your work and want to make pixel perfect designs for mobiles, tablets and computers. Pulse has a fully responsive admin panel so your clients can edit their sites from any location and device. And using responsive web design techniques, you can apply any responsive HTML template to a Pulse site.

There's an app for that

Clients can edit the Pulse site you make for them (or you can manage all the sites) using a browser or the Launcher app for a Windows PC, Mac, Android or iPhone. Your clients won't break anything either.

Full feature list

Need more info? Please have a look at the tech specs of Pulse CMS. It's crammed full of goodness and being extended all the time.

Professional Design Options

Website Management Features

Media Manager


Create your own designs

Full control

Page Management



meet the team

We are a small group of entrepreneurs, designers and developers from different parts of the world on a mission to build the best small CMS for designers and their clients.

Michael Frankland

Ship Steerer and CEO

Jerome Francis


Shiori Kanesaka

Japan Market


The Pulse Community


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✈️ Unlimited ∞ Edition

Unlimited domains

Yearly payment / cancel anytime

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For agencies & studios making lots of sites. No risk and cancel at anytime. Save $$ with this plan.





Old handheld edition

1 domain pack

one-time payment

$29 retro Pulse version 3

For Pulse veterans wanting the old version 3 for a single web project. Limited edition. While stocks last.