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  • Really easy to setup

    Pulse can be dropped into your live beautiful HTML site with copy and paste. You can use a Pulse template as a starter. You can convert any HTML site. Or you can use a website builder such as Blocs or RapidWeaver to make your site without coding. We also have a builder in the works.

  • Host anywhere you like

    To install, just upload some Pulse folders to your server. That's it. You can use any shared hosting and don't need to pay us any monthly fees to run your Pulse sites.

    Go from your idea to a live site in about 30 minutes and you'll have a secure and fast site editor. Plus, you don't need to keep updating it every week so for some projects you can "set and forget".

  • Easy to edit from anywhere

    The Pulse site editor is easy for clients to use from any device (even mobile) and if they can use Microsoft Word, they'll be fine here. This means less hassle and training on your side. Plus with a fast and SEO-orientated site, they should see good rankings, performance and fast load speed.

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Set your clients free

With Pulse you won't need to train your customers or offer support after the project is live. They'll instantly get the easy editor and without needing constant updates, your phone will stop ringing!

Save Creation Time

Drastically reduce the time it takes to move from existing static site to editable site. Or when building new sites you'll wonder how you made sites before. Your clients will love you for it!

Friendly Help

Our customers love the comfort that comes with 12-months free support. Our dedicated support forum makes interacting with us hassle-free and efficient and we have full Pulse docs and videos.

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    "Pulse is hands down the fastest CMS I have every implemented.. this kind of speed is EPIC!"
    Daniel Halseth
    IT Consulting & Business Development Engineer from USA | Read More on Daniel's story
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    "Pulse is so great, because i don't need to train my customers or offer support after the project is live."
    Johan Sträter
    Product and web designer from Germany | Read More on Johan's story
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    "Most of the sites are hosted on shared hosting and run really well."
    Mary Grooteman
    Web developer and painter, The Netherlands | Read More on Mary's story
Integrations out of the box. Plugins optional.

Add power to your beautiful site from the off without needing to constantly search for plugins and check that they are compatible with your latest CMS version.

Should you wish to go beyond the off-the-shelf toolbox, we do have a growing number of plugins that are all vetted and work perfectly with any version of Pulse and don't require panic attacks before updating.

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A unique dashboard to manage it all.

Login to download the latest Pulse build anytime to optionally update your sites. You'll also get access to a suite of tools such as a Form Builder and Ecommerce (coming soon). More power to just drag, drop and paste into your Pulse sites anytime you should need it.


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