Pulse5 is the best version yet and a worthy upgrade. Period.

We started working on Pulse5 originally around 2015/early 2016 and launched it in December 2017. After hosting countless telephone calls, forum exchanges, Pulse meetups and email - we created a list of over 100 things that needed to be in the next version of Pulse to make it revolutionary. When Pulse4 was launched a few years prior things were quite different back then and technology and designer's needs have evolved over time. So after two years of working and supporting the original Pulse we decided to start designing and developing everything again with all the features the core Pulse users want. We call the new product Pulse5.

As you can imagine, doing this not only took us more than two years to complete, but it also meant we had to make some compromises when it comes to supporting the old Pulse. Pulse4 is still for the near future supported and available for download, but as Pulse5 includes all the best bits of Pulse3 and Pulse4 (and a lot more) it really does supersede the lot and will shortly be the only version available and supported so we really recommend upgrading. They're essentially now completely different products.

Important: Pulse5 is not a free update, it is a completely new paid product with upgrade discounts included for existing Pulse users.

Let's run through some of the more common questions we are being asked.

Is this a FREE update? How much is it?

No, it's a new paid product. You can upgrade here and it's $297. The licensing has changed so Pulse5 is more like traditional software. You buy it and you can use it for as many sites as you want for yourself or for your clients. This also includes a dashboard to instantly download new versions at any time and you get 12 months of support and updates. This will auto-renew after that period but you can cancel anytime. All sites made during this period (you can add new sites even after that year) continue to work forever. You only need to pay $297/year if you want to continue to receive major updates and support.

Is there a discount for Pulse3 or Pulse4 users?

Absolutely. We've emailed you about this already and you should have already received it. If not, don't worry. Just log in to your account and you'll see your upgrade path and discount.

Does Pulse3 or Pulse4 still work?

Absolutely. Your live/current Pulse3 or Pulse4 sites will still work. It's your choice to upgrade but we really recommend it to power-up your current site and for using in future projects this is essential and the only option.

Please note you can no longer make new Pulse3 or Pulse4 sites as licenses are no longer sold. You will need Pulse5 for future projects.

I want Pulse updates free forever

Sadly that is just not possible for us, we would simply be dead as a company and would need to close down the project. We're hoping you use Pulse in your design work so as you charge your clients and make more money using Pulse, you can also afford to keep paying for this tool. We want you to succeed firstly and then that means we should be alive to fight another day and make great updates.

What's included in the price?

We're building a platform. You get Pulse5 unlimited edition plus premium addons (plugins and themes), a form builder tool and we have a Pulse Builder and Pulse Ecommerce on the way. We're adding more and more value all the time to help you look awesome in your design work.

Is it easy to upgrade Pulse3/Pulse4 sites to Pulse5 sites?

Absolutely. We have details in the new manual but essentially you can convert Pulse4 templates to Pulse5 templates by pasting just a few more things in your template.php file. And if converting from Pulse3 you can add content to non-Pulse sites in Pulse5 in a similar way to Pulse3 so upgrading won't take that long to complete.

What about RapidWeaver or Blocs app compatiblity?

If you use either of these apps you can use them with Pulse5. RapidWeaver has new Stacks available which you can get today and start making Pulse5 sites in RapidWeaver. Blocs users need to wait until Blocs app 2.5 is launched, which should be some time in early 2018.

Is there a Pulse5 demo or free trial?

There sure is! You can try Pulse5 for FREE for 5 days in a private demo. You then only need to upgrade when you are happy it's the right tool for you. Start your free trial today (without needing a credit card).

Why should I upgrade? What's the benefit to me?

There's so many! If you look at the features page there's over 100 new things. Each designed to make you look better, smarter and work faster in your design projects. To name a few we've added:

  • Gorgeous new interface
  • Inline editing
  • Multi-users
  • Add content to Non Pulse template sites like in Pulse3
  • Enhanced security
  • Easy to install in seconds
  • New settings page with no config.php file to edit

...and so on. The list really is endless and you can see an exhaustive list here.

Some users already loving Pulse5

Pulse5 is simply the BEST version of Pulse ever available and well worth the upgrade.

Thank you so much for your understanding and supporting a small independent company.

With love,
Team Pulse

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